We are looking for our franchise partners: open a Lottirose service provider anywhere in the world

Lottirose is entering the international market in 2020: we are looking for entrepreneurs who are interested in joining us. Following our successful business model in Budapest we will be focusing on going international. We are looking for our partners worldwide.

What is Lottirose?

It is premium quality baby equipment rental and much more. We offer a complex set of services for family travelers who would like to make their traveling more convenient by renting baby equipment at their destination. We also offer baby-sitting services, family sightseeing tours, family transfer, photo services and we arrange personalized programs for them.

What makes our company successful?

The mission of Lottirose is an important message: even family travel can be stress-free, enjoyable and a real adventure if we make it happen. Every member of our team is an experienced traveler and we believe we provide services that greatly help travelers. We are not afraid of stepping out of our comfort zone and we do not fear the variety of our tasks: from administration to delivery, from painting our offices to performing at conferences – we take it all, with a great Lottirose smile on our faces.

How does it work?

The most important part of our services is to fulfil our customers’ orders of baby equipment – we correspond, do administration, deliver the items either to their accommodation or to one of our pick-up points. We welcome them with personalized services, and we do everything for them to feel comfortable.


Who is our ideal franchise partner?

Somebody, who believes that traveling is for families as well. Somebody, who believes that the future is sustainable, environmentally conscious and we greatly contribute to shaping it. Somebody, who believes that with hard work we can change the way the world works. Somebody, who believes that in the services sector sometimes we need to give up our own comfort for the sake of the customer and knows that launching a business takes hard months and years. Somebody, who can see success in the smallest moments and will enjoy the great moments with us.

Where are we spreading?

We believe that our services are much needed in every corner of the world as the needs of traveling families are pretty much the same everywhere. In the first round we focus on great European cities and touristic destinations, but any place in the world can be of interest to us where tourists like to travel, and our services meet real needs.

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