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About us

We clearly understand how difficult it is to travel with children because every member in Team Lottirose has kids.

We pack half the house, we haul, we lose, it breaks on the plane, we pay extra fees, the kids throw fits, they get tired, they are fussy, they are bored of sightseeing, etc. But even though we became a family, we still love traveling and we would like to do so together. This is why Lottirose came to life. It is the most complex assistant of traveling families. We will help you to have a comfortable, stress free and meaningful family travel experience.


How can every family travel be the travel of your dreams from now on?

How can Lottirose help you?

She makes your accommodation and sightseeing family-friendly with the items you pick from her rental services and that will have been delivered by the time you arrive. (Rent now)

She has made a life-saving publication for you, called Adventure guide for families. She has made family friendly sightseeing routes and included family-friendly restaurants, children’s programs and playgrounds. (Adventure guide)

She makes you a complex guide so that every member of the family can have enjoyable and diverse programs besides sightseeing. (Pleasure guide)

She will make it possible for you to go on a date. Cooperating with a baby-sitting agency, she will provide you with English-speaking baby sitters, so that you have the chance to spend a few hours just the two of you like you used to. She will even give you tips on where to go. (After 8)

She will take care of your long lasting memories. The photographer of Lottirose will accompany you for a short sightseeing so every family member can be on the photos in your family photo album. (Lovely memories)

It will motivate kids to discover the city. She has made a story book for them, where Summer family gets into different kinds of adventures. She also has made a coloring for them.

She will accompany you on your sightseeing, she will show and tell you which are the really good places and sights and what the story of these places are. (Hello tourist)

Lottirose is the companion of families during their stay here in Budapest. You can always ask her about any questions you might have, like where baby shops are, where doctors or pharmacies are. etc. Lottirose is for you, family travelers.


Follow her on Youtube and read her blog as through her turquoise glasses you will only find family-friendly content. She will give you traveling tips and she will introduce Budapest from the family point of view.

Lottirose is the best friend of family travelers.

Violeta Kocev
Violeta Kocev
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We are delighted with your service. I hope we come shortly in Budapest again. We will definitely contact you again. And will spread the word if anyone decides to visit Hungary with kids. Perfect service for adventurers with children.
Clodagh Quinlan Gorman
Clodagh Quinlan Gorman
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As a new parent traveling can be overwhelming and packing for a baby is not easy. I decided to rent everything I needed and it was the best decision. I arrived from Dubai and Lottirose came and setup everything I needed and more. Thanks so much again for being so professional and going out to find the exact cot I needed. Xmas in Budapest so far is amazing 😉

Our Story

Our services were brought to life with the intention to help. Its result is an effortless, easy traveling experience for families.

I am Fruzsina Nyári. My husband and I started running with a stroller after our first son was born. It was fulfilling, it meant freedom because we could carry on with sports without the help of a babysitter and it turned into a great family program so we have been promoting it right from the start.

From our facebook posts a movement then a sportclub emerged. We launched the first stroller rental because we would like to support those who would like to try this sport but do not have the perfect stroller. With three years of experience we extended our range of rental with city strollers and other accessories.

Besides sport our other great hobby is traveling. Since the birth of our first son we have been traveling less because we felt it was a struggle and a hassle. It took long preparation and the time spent on vacation as a family was a little less smooth than before.

“Lottirose” came into existence because we would like to help the life of families during their journeys. The desire for freedom and ease brought our services to life. We would like to promote a new traveling approach: minimalist traveling with kids. ’Lottirose’ can make life easier for those who decide to travel the world.

If you use “Lottirose” you don’t need to be writing lists for weeks about what to take to the other end of the world, you don’t need to pack for hours and then drag everything during the journey. You can board the plane easily with just one suitcase, holding your kids’ hands and you can focus on only making memories. Using ’Lottirose’ upon arrival everything can be waiting for you in your hotel room or in your rented vehicle. We create a welcoming, kid-friendly athmosphere in your hotel room or apartment. You don’t need to worry about the stroller getting broken or disappearing on the plane, or how you are going to bathe your child in the shower or if you will all be comfortable on the master bed because we provide a travel cot. Use our services on more occasions so that more of your journeys with your family become enjoyable and stress free.

’Lottirose’ is not a rental but a range of services. We accompany, help and fill your stay  with program offers and with the help of our cooperating partners. Our main priorities are caring, kindness, attentiveness, cooperation, flexibility, quality and creating the feeling of comfort and home in a country different from yours.

With love:

Fruzsina Nyári

about us

Before you leave!

Take planning your family travels easy, we will organize everything for you. Put your feet up, sip your hot cup of coffee and we will make sure that all of you will have a great time.

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