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About us

We know, sometimes it can be difficult to travel with children, as we are also a traveling family. We have come across the same difficulties as every parent has: we pack half the house, we even carry unnecessary things, we lose them or it breaks on the plane, we have to pay extra fees, and of course, due to all this stress, the kids could be on their worst behavior.

Despite all that, we love to travel and want to share it with the whole family! The solution is Lottirose! Lottirose was established to take all the weight of packing and list-writing off your shoulders. We want You to relax on your vacation! You do not have to bring every single piece of baby equipment to the trip anymore, we gladly provide them for you in Hungary! You just have to sit back and enjoy your vacation with your family, without worrying about the size of the stroller, the kids’ toys, or even running out of milk, because you left your breast pump at home.

You can find everything you need at Lottirose during a family journey in a foreign country. Our goal is to promote a new traveling approach: minimalist traveling with kids. 

Keep it simple! Rent all you need from Lottirose!


How does it work?

  • Find the most suitable items for you and your child, select the starting and ending dates of your renting period, add the items to your cart
  • Fill out your billing information
  • Select a pick-up point
  • Choose your payment method (SimplePay or bank transfer)
  • Once your order is done, you are going to receive an invoice at your email address
  • Pick up the items at the pick-up point you chose
  • Enjoy your time in Hungary with your family
  • Take care of the items and feel free to contact us if you have any questions
  • Drop off the items at the chosen pick-up point

How can Lottirose help you?

all you need package

Rental services

We make your journey and even your accommodation child-friendly. You can rent everything you need for a vacation, from the baby monitor to the jogging stroller.(Rent now)

Stroller Spa

If you came to Hungary with your own stroller and it needs a little refreshment, try Hungary’s first baby equipment washer at Lottirose, a.k.a Flora Miniwash, the Stroller Spa. We clean and sanitize every type of baby equipment in a 6-step system with professional high-pressure Kärcher cleaning machines, liquid detergent, and steam. (Stroller Spa)

Budapest with kids map

Lottirose made you a family-oriented map of the best places to visit in Budapest with children. You can find unique playgrounds, cultural institutes, family-friendly restaurants and cafés, bookshops, and other programs in the selection of Lottirose. The map is in Hungarian and English, covered in an eco-friendly envelope. Go explore! (Budapest with kids map)

Not just rent, buy as well!

At Lottirose not only you can rent different kinds of baby equipment, but you can also buy them. You can buy brand-new strollers such as Cybex, Ergobaby, Leclerc, Mountain Buggy, Thule, or Wapiti. If you hop into our store at Hegedűs Gyula utca 37-39, you can also find Little Dutch toys, Skip Hop products, Alpine Muffy earmuffs, and some other Hungarian brands, such as Babymountain, Mom WOW, Cintamomlajf, SHEDO, Panarom and many more. (Our store)

Lottirose is a team for traveling families. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions during your stay here in Budapest!

Follow us on Youtube and read Lottirose’s blog for some family-friendly content.

Violeta Kocev
Violeta Kocev
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We are delighted with your service. I hope we come shortly in Budapest again. We will definitely contact you again. And will spread the word if anyone decides to visit Hungary with kids. Perfect service for adventurers with children.
Clodagh Quinlan Gorman
Clodagh Quinlan Gorman
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As a new parent traveling can be overwhelming and packing for a baby is not easy. I decided to rent everything I needed and it was the best decision. I arrived from Dubai and Lottirose came and setup everything I needed and more. Thanks so much again for being so professional and going out to find the exact cot I needed. Xmas in Budapest so far is amazing 😉

Our Story

Lottirose was established to help parents to have an effortless traveling experience with their families.

I am Fruzsina Nyári and it all started when I became a mother. My husband and I started using jogging strollers after our first son was born. Continuing doing sports without the help of a babysitter meant freedom. Slowly it also turned into a great family program, so we have been promoting it and posting about it right from the start.

With time, a movement and even a sports club emerged from our Facebook posts. We launched our first stroller rental because we wanted to support those who did not have the most suitable stroller for jogging but wanted to try this experience. After three years, we extended our range of rentals with city strollers and other accessories.

The second reason for launching our stroller rental was because of our other hobby: traveling. 

After our first child was born, we traveled less. It was much harder. The preparation was longer, we were worried about a lot of things, and the vacation time was not as smooth and free as it used to be. That is why we created Lottirose. We want to help families during their traveling. As parents, we should not feel that we cannot enjoy our vacation, or that the packing and worrying consume us. We would like to promote a new traveling approach: minimalist traveling with kids. 


Lottirose can make life easier for those who decide to travel the world. We all want to share the most beautiful things with our loved ones. Let us assist you so that you do not have to be concerned about the materials. 

With our help, you do not need to worry about your stroller getting broken or disappearing on the plane, how you are going to bathe your child in the shower, or whether your accommodation is equipped with a travel cot.

Just board the plane easily with only one suitcase, holding the hands of your children, and focus only on making memories. The rest is on us.

Lottirose is not just a rental but a range of services. We help, clean, and give you program tips from a local perspective. Our main priorities are caring, kindness, cooperation, flexibility, quality, and creating the feeling of comfort and home in a foreign country. 

We hope we can see you soon!

With love:

Fruzsina Nyári

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