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Child-friendly cafEs and restaurants

child friendly cafe

HelloAnyu - Community Cafe

Csányi u. 7., 1077 Budapest
+3670 383 7211

child friendly cafe

Nem Adom Fel - Cafe and Restaurant

Baross u. 86, 1082 Budapest
+3630 434 0665

HelloAnyu Social Space and Café

HelloAnyu social space and café is in the heart of the city, near Király street. Except for Sunday it is open from the morning to 7 pm every day. Their three separate rooms upstairs are capable of numerous training, movement, creative programs or having debates and talks. Besides they provide opportunities for you to organize programs for your own community. They offer english music nursery, kindergarten yoga, baby yoga, baby sign language courses and different presentations. HelloAnyu acquired the Family Friendly Company of the Year award in 2016. Being a child friendly café, they are equipped with facilities for breast feeding, diaper changing and of course for fun, laughter and games. We kindly recommend them.

Nem Adom Fel Cafe & Bar

Nem Adom Fel Cafe & Bar is the first café in Budapest that was founded by people with disabilities. Food and drinks are prepared and served by disabled and handicapped people. They also contribute to organizing and managing programs. The café can be found in Baross street in the 7th district. Thanks to their colorful repertoir of programs every age group can find something suitable for example board game club, karaoke party, concerts, film clubs, literacy nights and so on. The athmosphere is extra family-like we kindly recommend it.