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Margaret Island Zoo

This park on Margaret Island is a miniature department of the Budapest Zoo.
There are significantly less animals here: fallow deer, rabbits and hares, ponies, teals, decorative poultry, storks, etc. There is a possibility for horseback riding but this is available for a fee. The mini zoo is in a fenced area. They kept the comfort of families in mind so they have established restrooms and a buffet as well.

Margaret Island Zoo is free of charge.

Budapest Zoo

Budapest Zoo is the biggest and oldest zoo of Hungary. There are approximately ten and a half thousand entities of 1067 species. This is it is not surprising that every time we visit, we van discover something new.

Magic Mountain is a multiple storey experience center. There are numerous exhibitions, shows, film screenings, animal shows and interactive tasks in this place.
To make it easier to get around the zoo, you can rent wooden carts, in which you can put your belongings and children can ride.
There is a great playground inside the zoo. Kids can use up their last sources of energy here.

Path of senses

The Path of senses was desigend to introduce passers by to the wildlife of Ferenc hill in a modern, playful way.

The new story of Mimó and Csipek links the different stations on the path of senses, it leads the reader on the path and it makes you acquinted with the outstanding ecological values of Ferenc hill. At the stations there are different signs with informaition that we can complement with interesting facts with the help of QR codes that direct us to the website.

We have hidden interactive games at the stations that capture the curiosity and attention of kids. They can find the answers to the questions in the story on the spot and with the help of some paper, crayons and the downloadable map they can actively take part in the adventure.

The length of the path is 400 meters, it can easily be covered with a 20-minute-walk.

How to get there: Take bus 11 terminating from Törökvész street at Móricz Zsigmond Gimnázium and the parking lot is at the stop called Ferenchegyi út.

Additional nature trail:


South of Pilisszentkereszt, not far from the last houses of the village there’s a gorge that is over 1 km long and it leads through steep cliffs.

The path that follows the brook, crosses the water on numerous wooden bridges but sometimes we can cross hopping on rocks. Brook Dera is only present in wetter seasons.

The fabulous, romantic gorge can be walked in 30 minutes comfortably on the blue path that is visibly signed. Strollers are not suitable here but kids aged 5-6 will really enjoy the little waterfalls, the wooden bridges and the rocks.

The upper end of the gorge can be reached from the south end of Pilisszentkereszt. Those approaching by car it is advised to leave the car on the cleaning at the souther end of the village where we can also find a lot of place for a picnic.

At the upper end of the gorge we can find a few old, ruinous lime kilns.

How to get there:

By car: Coming from Pomáz 2 kms before Pilisszentkereszt there is an intersection with a road leading to the southern end of the gorge. Unfortunately there is no sign placed so you have to pay attention. You have to turn off the main road approximately 3-4 kms from the 15km stone.

Bus: There’s a bus terminating from the HÉV station in Pomáz, which can take you to Pilisszentkereszt. As we arrive in the village we have to take off at the first stop and we can find the blue tourist line on the left. It will guide us to the upper end of the gorge.


Children’s Railway

Children’s Railway is a unique and matchless sights of the capital. The railway links the hiking destinations of Buda hills where school age children serve as railwaymen. The line of the railway is from Széchenyi Hill to Hűvösvölgy. On the way it reaches Normafa, Csillebérc, János hill and Szépjuhászné.

The Children’s Railway runs till the end of August. At the weekend they usually run every 45 and on workdays every 60 minutes from the terminals.

At numerous stops of the Children’s Railway there are forest playgrounds and sport fields for younger and older kids as well.

How to get to Children’s Railway by BKK:

Hűvösvölgy station is the easiest to get to. It can be reached by tram 61 from Széll Kálmán square (Káplár street).

In case it is possible, the ticket should be bought before departure in the ticket office at the station. If the passenger gets on at Normafa or Vadaspark stations or at a station where there is no ticket office, or service is temporarily suspended, they can buy the ticket on the train at no additional charge. There is no possibility to buy round-trip, family or group tickets on the train.

It is important: You can only pay by cash.

Szemlő-hill cave

Exploring Szemlő-hill-cave can be a real family program. Before or after the cave tour there is a chance to watch one of the films in the movie room or we can wander round the interactive exhibition. Visitors can find out interesting facts about lime, bats and cave rescue. They can try out cave rope technique, they can climb through the eye of the needle and they can become cavers for a picture. Those who would like to become more expert in technical questions, can browse in the touch screen data base. Children can play int he park above the cave or they can take the nature walk where they can find out about the building bricks of the capital and the stones of the area.

This highly protected cave that is excavated 2200 meters long at present is one of the most valuable natural treasures. It consists of numerous wide passages.

The tour path is 250 meters and visitors can walk on comfortable concrete paths and stairs.

Temperature is constatntly 12°C all year round, so it is advised to dress warmer in summer.

The tour path can be visited in street clothes. Wearing comfortable hiking shoes is recommended.

There is no age limit. It can be visited with a stroller and with wheelchairs as well.

Length of the tour: approx. 40 minutes.

How to get there:

It can be approached by bus 29 terminating from Árpád Bridge – Szentlélek square. You have to get off at Szemlő hill cave and you have to walk 100 meters up to the reception building of the cave.

Zugligeti Chairlift and Erzsébet lookout

According to my children, the summer holidays are to do somet things that we don’t do in other periods of the year. I am pretty sure, taking the chairlift is considered one of these activities.

While traveling we can admire the view on Budapest. The upper section of the charlift goes in the forests of János hill, the lower section leads above the streets and gardens of the Zugliget residential area. On weekdays we surely don’t have such experience.

The line is nearly one kilometer long and it takes passengers up 262 meters in about a quarter of an hour. Near the upper end stop there is Erzsébet lookout, where there’s a spectacular view on the whole city.

The lookout is 23,5 meters high. It has six floors that get smaller and smaller the higher we go. On the first floor there is a gallery that depicts the history of János hill and Erzsébet lookout.

There is a spiral staircase of about a hundred stairs leading up to the top of the building. There are smaller landing-lookout sections in the staircase. The terraces are smaller and smaller in size but they offer greater and greater view.

The lookout is open all year round. It is free of charge.

The lowest stop of the chairlift is on Zugligeti street, the highest one is on János hill.

The address of the lower stop: 1121 Budapest, Zugligeti út 97.

Kopaszi dam

Kopaszi dam is a green area at the foot of Rákóczi bridge where numerous restaurants, terraces and a playhouse welcome guests. Next to it is the beautiful bank of the Danube where children can splash and play in the mud but swimming in the Danube is prohibited, please pay attention to that. You can walk and relax here or even have a picnic on a blanket.

There is a playground for children. It is rather small in size so it is recommended for kindergarten age kids but for older kids the whole dam is a paradise where they can ride their bikes, scooters or can rollerskate. There are restrooms nearby and ’Kölyök Öböl’ playhouse with a buffet.

Kölyököböl playhouse, where they welcome kids 10 am to 7 pm.

There is no entrance fee on Kopaszi dam. If you come by car, the parking lot can be used for a fee.

You can get to Kopaszi dam on foot, by bike, by car or by BKK ship. You can park inside or outside as well.


Lajta Monitor Muzeum ship

Lajta Monitor Museum ship is an iconic heritage site of Hungarian participation in WW1. The ship is significantly different from other ships on the Danube. The low hull, the curved deck, the huge turret system tell from a distance that we’re looking at a special vessel.

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Boating Lake of City Park

The Boating Lake of City Park is awaiting its guests this year again.

The Boating Lake is open 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. depending on weather. The deck and the equipment can only be used at your own risk. The water of the lake is not suitable for swimming.