Let us introduce you our Mary Poppins, the assistant of traveling families – Lottirose has arrived

Be our partner. We will solve everything for you, and you don’t even need to spend money.

Lottirose is a unique set of services. We are working on making family journeys easier and more meaningful. Our baby equipment rental offers a complex set of services. We will deliver every equipment that will make a family feel comfortable during their vacation. They will have a great stay and will rate their host 5 stars when returning home.

What will Lottirose bring for families?

- strollers
- bath tubs
- booster seats
- high chairs
- vehicles for kids
- humidifiers
- bouncing chairs
- equipment necessary for feeding, breastfeeding and bathing.

In our pre-made packages you can find diapers, wet wipes or baby food.

Our program proposals, adventure packages and baby-sitter services have been brought to life to make traveling joyful for families.

How do we work?

We are fast, unnoticeable and kind – just like Mary Poppins. We arrive with an enormous sack in which we bring lots of baby equipment and we will turn any accommodation family-friendly in a short time for the arriving families. We contact the families before their departure so asking about their needs and managing a smooth stay is our job.

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Why is it beneficial for a host?

- You do not need to invest in baby products that are not easy to keep clean and store.
- You do not need to worry about what a traveling family needs. You can trust our expertise.
- You do not need to prepare for kids of different ages and different needs – we will do that for you.
- You will not be surprised even if a family arrives to the accommodation unexpectedly – we are prepared for spontaneous situations.


  • Last year families spent 2,400,000 nights in Budapest. Only few apartments possess equipment or offer family-friendly services.
  • 30% of tourists arriving here are families and for all of them it is extremely important that they face the least number of unexpected situations.
  • Families are a great potential for hosts. They are willing to spend on amenities that make their journey more comfortable, they are happy to choose catering and they pick their accommodation based on personal recommendations – so they are happy to recommend as well.

Increase your income, be open to new guests, accommodate more families. Make your apartment family-friendly without any financial investment.


I am Fruzsina Nyári, the founder of Lottirose services. I started this company because I had experienced that traveling with a family is joy and challenge at the same time. Some great ideas came to my mind how I could make the life of traveling families easier and experience shows: Lottirose has become the favorite of traveling families.

I do believe that accommodations need our services so that more and more families feel comfortable with starting out with their children and that their vacation is stress free and they will return home with great memories.

What do our services look like:

  • We provide premium quality baby equipment.
  • We continuously clean and maintain them.
  • We keep in touch with the guests during their stay, we meet their needs within 24 hours.
  • We deliver the rented equipment before they arrive, and we take them away within 24 hours of their departure.
  • On our platforms we communicate that we are your partners and we will recommend your apartments to tourists.


Feel like home package

In this package we have placed every basic item that can make the accommodation family-friendly. In the magic bag of Lottirose we picked equipment that make bathing , sleeping and feeding comfortable.
Contents of the package: Stokke bath tub, travel cot + sheets, high chair, potty or a potty seat.

Sightseeing package

In this package we have prepared items that are necessary for sightseeing. With their help parents can still walk around the city, as we provide a comfortable stroller with a reclining seat so the child can comfortably take a nap. To accommodate the needs of families with active children they can pick a runbike or a scooter as well.
In this package two of the following items can be chosen: stroller, buckle carrier, runbike, scooter.

All you need package

This package includes items that can make the accommodation family-friendly and also equipment that will make sightseeing easier. It is the combination of the packages ’Feel like home’ and ’Sightseeing’.


  • Write to us, call us and find out more about the services of Lottirose.
  • Negotiate the details of our partnership and establish a long-term cooperation by creatively helping each other.
  • Recommend our services at the time of reservation by families arriving with children.
  • Mutually communicate about each other on our online and offline platforms.
  • Place our Lottirose family-friendly qualified sticker in a visible place so that families feel they are welcome to a family-friendly place.
  • Open the door when the Hungarian Mary Poppins is knocking on your door: Let’s make the stay of your family travelers a five-star experience.

Kind regards,
Nyári Fruzsina
founder, Lottirose

Before you leave!

Take planning your family travels easy, we will organize everything for you. Put your feet up, sip your hot cup of coffee and we will make sure that all of you will have a great time.

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