Jogging Strollers

Rent for short or for longer periods based on personal offer.

These strollers have many special features to protect children from shock and to provide a comfortable way of doing sports or running.

⦁ They have special suspension
⦁ Long wheelbase (the front and rear wheels are far from each other)
⦁ Their wheels are inflatable and are at least 40cms diameter
⦁ They have 3 wheels
⦁ They have a big canopy and they protect children from both sun and the wind
⦁ Many of them are equipped with a handbrake
⦁ They are easy to fold and their wheels can be detached with one move
⦁ They can be used from 6 months up to 4-5 years

What are they recommended for?

Running, hiking, skiing.
The big, inflatable wheels and the good suspension tolerate rough surfaces, uneven roads and snow real well.
They are less comfortable for city use because of their size. They do not fit in smaller elevators, it is more difficult to get around with them in stores and restaurants.

Every stroller and accessory are regularly steam cleaned in a child-friendly way, we use high pressure cleaning machines and we wash removable parts in a washing machine.