Product of the month: MicroTrike

Recommended by Nyári Fruzsina an expert of family travel

How we found it:

We re traveling to Ireland when I saw a strange, three wheeler at the
Budapest airport. A mother was pushing her child on it. They could get around in the terminal real quick and even though I tried to catch up with them, they disappeared too fast. I tried really hard to find the vehicle online but couldn’t find it. That’s when the mother appeared again. This time the vehicle was hanging from her shoulder with a strap. I ran to her and asked what it was and where I could get one because my child wouldn’t sit in a stroller any more (saying he’s a big boy) but he gets tired during sightseeings and we can carry him in our arms or necks so it would be of great help to us as well. It turned out the name of this magical vehicle was Micro Trike.

What is there to know about it?

The brand Micro is well known abroad but it is making its name in Hungary as well. Being a Swiss brand, MICRO represents reliable and premium quality and it has great service background in Budapest as well. This brand best known of its scooters as they were first to make a three wheeled scooter and they have been
producing sturdy and very durable products right from the start.

What is it capable of that others aren’t?

In Hungary MicroTrikes are not so popular, though they are very functional as when they are folded, they
take up a lot less space in the trunk compared to other trikes. It can be folded and opened with two moves so it can be a great tool for both our daily lives and our travels. About the concept it is worth to know that it is
an extremely easily manouverable  thing as it has three rubber wheels and the front wheel turns in a tilted angle which makes it extremely manouverable and mobile. There is a handlebar and a footrest for the kids and an adjustable push rod. For extremely tall dads it is not expilictly comfortable as they can feel it’s a little short even in the longest position, but for short walks it is still better for them than carrying their child around.    

What should we pay attention to?

As the MicroTrike is a quick and manouverable vehicle it is worth paying attention when we try to push it over a doorsill or we try to go up on a curb becausr if the child doesn’t pay attention and doesn’t hold the handlebar, it is easy for them to lose balance and fall off. To prevent this we can use a seatbelt. Also in summertime we need to pay attention to sun protection as it does not have a canpoy.
It is recommended to use a sunhat and apply suntan lotion when using it outdoors.

What is the recommended age group?

It can be used from 18 months until the child reaches 15kgs which is approximately at the age of 3-4.

Purchase or rent?

If your child uses a bike, a scooter or a stroller in our daily lives, it might be a good idea to rent one for shightseeing as its RRP is HUF30.000-35.000 which can be money wasted if we don’t make the most of it, but we gladly recommend it for every day use as it is equipped with metal parts so it is a durable and  reliable vehicle for the long run as well. It differs from other trikes because it does not have pedals but in our experience, most trikes do not work with the
pedals anyways, because the child’s legs either don’t touch or they are too difficult to push and they are only used as for footrest.

Why we like it

Functional, folds small, a family favorite.

Finally backaches and carrying your child in your arms are over, as kids love to scoot around on this during shopping or sightseeing.

Extra hint:

It is a good idea to obtain a pocket trailer or any other string so that we can hang it on our back, shoulder or backpack once we folded it.

Rent it and take it with you on your sightseeing or try it before you buy one so that you only purchase it if you really fall in love with it and decide you need it.

For further pictures check out the gallery below.

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