Alpine Muffy Baby


Personal pick-up is possible without a reservation as well at our downtown pick-up point from monday to saturday during opening hours.

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We clean and sanitize all the equipment with the help of Flora Miniwash, the Stroller Spa. Due to the cleaning procedure, the minimum fee to be paid is the amount of 2 days’ rent.

In the case of choosing our Airport pick-up point, the reservation and the payment of the rental fee must be made 72 hours before departure (i.e. pick-up). If your reservation is within 72 hours, and you need to pick up the rented product at the Airport, please contact us!

Alpine Muffy Baby


Protect your baby’s or toddler’s ears with the Alpine Muffy Baby. Children’s hearing can be damaged easily. Noise is harmful sooner than you think. The Alpine Muffy Baby ear protector prevents damage to even the smallest ears. For example, for parties, outings, festivals, fairs, fireworks, and car and motorcycle races.

SLEEP WELL ON THE MOVE The Alpine Muffy Baby also ensures that your child can sleep undisturbed while you are on the move. Ideal for being in a restaurant or on your travels. Wearing the ear protector can also benefit babies and toddlers who are prone to overstimulation caused by noise. COMFORTABLE AND ALWAYS FITS The soft, elastic headband can be adjusted simply to the correct size. The band is fitted with a convenient hook and loop closure. The two individual ear caps can be slid easily onto the headband. You just have to lock them in place in the right position. This unique ear protector is suitable for babies and toddlers.

CONFORMS TO THE EUROPEAN SAFETY REGULATIONS The Alpine Muffy Baby is the only hearing protection for babies and toddlers which has a CE-marking. This means that the ear protector complies with all European Union legal requirements in the areas of safety, health, and environment.


Item Weight 100 g
Product Dimensions 8.4 x 6.4 x 14 cm
Size One size fits all