BOB Revolution

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Personal pick-up is possible without a reservation as well at our downtown pick-up point from monday to saturday during opening hours.

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We clean and sanitize all the equipment with the help of Flora Miniwash, the Stroller Spa. Due to the cleaning procedure, the minimum fee to be paid is the amount of 2 days’ rent.

In the case of choosing our Airport pick-up point, the reservation and the payment of the rental fee must be made 72 hours before departure (i.e. pick-up). If your reservation is within 72 hours, and you need to pick up the rented product at the Airport, please contact us!

BOB Revolution

This stroller has 2 rear wheels with a diameter of 40 cm and it has one swivel wheel with a diameter of 30 cm at the front. It has professional suspension. It is very sturdy and basically impossible to wreck. It is a premium sports stroller. It can be used for jogging with the fixed front wheel. In swivel mode, it is very easy to maneuver and turns easily, which makes it possible to be used in the city. It is recommended for blacktop or tartan. Its huge canopy can protect the child from both sun and wind and due to its reclining seat, it is a comfortable one to sleep in.
For the little passenger, it is very comfortable. The seat is padded, and there are two little compartments to hold food and drinks. Its road-holding can easily be adjusted by hand, its wheels can be removed with one move. You can have a great running experience with it and it is specifically safe for children.

With an extra adaptor, it can be used right from birth with a bassinet or a car seat but for jogging with the sport seat it is ONLY recommended after 6 months.

Additional information

Weight 12,8 kg
Dimensions 108 × 65 × 117 cm
Number of seats


Position of seat

Forward facing

Age group

From 6 months

Harness system

5 points



Number of wheels


Size of wheels