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There is no delivery on weekends.
Personal pick-up is possible without a reservation as well at our downtown pick-up point from monday to saturday during opening hours.

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If we wish to make the most out of a family holiday, we spend a lot of time to collect as much information as we can about the given destination. We surf the net for hours, we ask around, read forums, write lists. If you don’t feel like doing any of it, but would like to have a great experience, stress free sightseeing for your family, use our Pleasure Guide service.

You just put your feet up, sip your hot cup of coffee and we’ll plan everything for you.

Lottirose’s aim is to make family trips easier, lighter and more enjoyable.


Pleasure Guide is great help especially if it is your first time in Budapest. We make a program for your 3-5-day-stay that is tailored for your needs. As locals we know exactly which restaurants will not disappoint you, where is a good place to go on a date while your child is taken care of by a professional baby sitter, what kind of program opportunities there are in good or bad weather. In addition to the programs we include our walking tours that are in our Adventure guide so you can expect a complex package of culture and entertainment if you use our Pleasure guide service. To have a more personalized program proposal, we have to get to know you. Please fill out our detailed questionnaire. This way we’ll know what kind of stay you are looking for (relaxing or active), what the desire of your heart is, and how we can prepare for that.

How do you receive your Pleasure guide?

Purchase it through our webshop

You will get it within 24 hours in pdf format to the e-mail address that you provide


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Before you leave!

Take planning your family travels easy, we will organize everything for you. Put your feet up, sip your hot cup of coffee and we will make sure that all of you will have a great time.

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