Sightseeing package

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Price is for 3 days, the minimum order duration is 3 days.

Please choose two of the following: a stroller, a buckle carrier, a balance bike or a scooter. Price of the package is €35 for 3 days, €65 for 5 days and every additional day is €10 more.

There is no delivery on weekends.
Personal pick-up is possible without a reservation as well at our downtown pick-up point from monday to saturday during opening hours.

Select the first and last date of your rental:



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In this package we are going to prepare items that are necessary for sightseeing. We often think that our child is not stroller compatible anymore and we don’t use a stroller on a daily basis so we don’t take it with us when traveling. But during our stay we realize that they cannot walk with us all day long and we carry them or we have to rush back to our accommodation to have an afternoon nap. A stroller can offer great help even with 3-5-year-olds because it makes it possible for us to wander around the city all day long. If they get tired, they can sit in and relax and while they are running around, we can put all our belongings in the stroller. If you don’t like strollers, you can choose a buckle carrier. We had those kids in mind as well, who don’t want to sit in a stroller, we have rolling toys and vehicles for them.

In this package you have the option to choose two items. Stroller, buckle carrier, running bike, scooter.


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