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Froggy playground

Froggy playground is located in the hilly area of Békásmegyer. The whole place is inspired by frogs, their habitat, and the toys remind us of the waterfront, as Békásmegyer was originally a swamp. The main character of the square couldn’t be different. It is a big, green, spotted frog. There are also slides, swings, a sandpit and a ping-pong table. It is a very calm area but we have to go a little further from downtown. The easiest way to approach it is by HÉV.

Benczúr park

It is truly a hidden park with leafy trees and where there is a new miniature football pitch, colorful jungle gyms and a tale town. It is worth exploring. You can find a hilly climbing area with a pipe slide, steppers with cabbages and snakes and also rabbits and on the other side you can climb up with the help of hedgehogs. The other side of the playground is a castle, decorated with animals where kids can climb up and down on rubber balls, different ladders, nets and pipes. The sandpit is protected in the shade and there is a spinner and a beautiful, colorful wooden ship. There are two swings for older kids but there is also a nest swing and a baby-mommy swing. The miniature football pitch is located in the end of the playground.


Slide park on Gellért hill

A great playground with slides was opened on Gellert hill, full of exciting slides and great playground toys: a hanging bridge, a climbing castle, swings, a trampoline and a lookout. The slidepark is designed for kids of various ages – it is worth visiting even with a toddler. The equipment of the slide park are a pipe slide, a slalom slide, a low slide, a wide, wavy slide, a narrow wavy slide, a big curve slide, a climbing castle, a hanging bridge, a lookout, a basket swing, a spring based raft, a covered sandpit, a hill with tunnels, trampolines, a see-saw and climbing ropes. There are also restrooms, a drinking fountain and benches.

City Park Playground

This storyland is separated from the park with a fence. Kids of all ages can find themselves some interesting toys. There are enough swings and slides, you don’t have to wait in line to use them. Recommended age 1-12 years. There are multiple toys for little ones, there ground is either sandy or is covered by rubber and most of the playground is in the shade thanks to the trees. There is a water fountain and there are also working restrooms next to the football pitches. The whole park is capable of having picnics with its green areas and numerous benches.

Liberty square

Interesting jungle gyms with a big sandpi where both younger and older kids can have fun. The fountain next to the playground is also a good source of entertaiment in the summer. As we approach it, it stops for a second and we can walk into the middle of it.

VUK playground

The favorite of children is the fox castle where they can crawl around in big pipes and they can come out in numerous places or can climb on top of a tree. There is also a wooden bench from which you can have a great view on the whole area. There is also a slide combined with a jungle gym, swings, spring ride-ons and a sandpit that is protected with a shade. The playground is decorated with characters from the children’s story, called Vuk, including Vuk himself, Karak, Vuk with Iny, Unka the frog, Szú the hedgehog, Vahur and the hugging geese. There is a huge chess board with wooden chess pieces. At the rear end of the playground there is a little adventure park where you have an aerial runway with a wooden hanging bridge so even 3-4-year-olds can use it because they run low.


A modern playground was built taking both European standards and requirements of the 21st century into consideration. There is a climbing castle which is made of colored pencils and it gives the illusion that a schoolkid just scattered his pencils from his pencilcase. There are also slides, swings, baby swings and spinners. One of the favorite toys is the ’sharpener’ which is basically a trampoline built into the ground.


King Matthias playground

The playground is based on tales of King Matthias and you can see this in the different featues of the playground. E.g. ’There was a dog fair in Buda once’ and ’King Matthias was here’, both written and illustrated by pictures. When they designed it they had younger and older kids in mind as well. They have baby swings and there is a sandpit in the shade. Older kids can find jungle gyms, tunnels, bridges and houses where they can have lots of fun. The whole playground is covered with mulch and rubber tiles. It is surrendered by a stone fence. From between many of the trees there is a great view on the city. You can find public restrooms at the feet of Fishermen’s Bastion.

Playground on Margaret Island

In the northern corner of Margaret island, at the feet of Árpád bridge you can find the first eco-friendly playground of Budapest. The name includes conscious design, environmental education and the diversity of movement that we can all experience here. It is a grassy area surrounded by trees, built on a sandy land with environmentally friendly materials. We can see diverse toys that put the balance and coordination of kids to the test. There are also different footprints of animals carved in stones and with the help of signs we can obtain further information. The playground is designed for 5-12-year-olds.

Károlyi garden

You can always find shady areas here and everyboy can have fun from the youngest to school-age kids. There is a public reading corner and a fenced playground. The toys have been renovated and there is a new engine and a trampoline. The whole place has new rubber flooring.

St. Stephen park

There is a huge sandpit for younger kids in the shade of an enormous tree. In the middle of the sandpit there is a big ship that you can climb up on and slide down from there while pretending to be the captain. The younger ones can hide inside the ship or can play in the sand. There is also a miniature kitchen where you can make delicious cakes or use the spring ride-ons. Swings for younger and older kids. Fountains, a park full of flowers, green grass where you can have a picnic or play ball. There is also a restroom within the park. It can be used for a fee but it is nice and clean.

Orczy garden

Orczy-park is a place where people coming with their kids can have fun, too. There are two playgrounds, numerous sports fields, an open-air sports park, an adventure park, a boating lake, and a cafe with a terrace. It is also great for having picnics as it is a grassy area. In the rear end of the park, behind the sports fields and the open-air sports park is one of the playgrounds with big pipe slides. On the giant jungle gym you can try several balance toys and slide down on one of the slides. There is also a small slide for smaller ones with stairs leading to it. There are drinking fountains and there is a seperate building for restrooms and diaper-changing facilities. Next to this is the other playground, that has more classic wooden toys, jungle gyms, a see-saw, a sand pit and two shaded areas.

Bikás park

At the park you can find a water playground, sandpits, pirate playground with slides for both the smaller and older visitors, double slide (slightly run-down), trampoline park with smaller rubber hills, a big hill with bull statues, a smaller lake, sport courts, running circuit, adult work-out station, dog playground. There is a clean and free toilet next to the trampoline park.

Olympic park

The Olympic park is located between Jászai Mari square and Kossuth square. It is fully fenced but has several entrances. Arriving from Jászai Mari square there is a bigger green area with old, shady sycamore trees. In the middle of the park there is a little hill. One of its sides is covered in stone, the other one is designed to roll down on. There is a little fountain next to it. The playground is covered with rubber floors and it is colorful and spotted. There is a section for the youngest with a puzzle, funnels and a sandpit. For kindergartners and schoolkids there is a bigger area with a jungle gym and a ship.


The playground at MOM is understandably popular with families with young kids. It is in a grassy, green area and it can provide quality time outdoors. During MOM-investment new toys were added to the existing ones. The garden was renewed and walkpaths were created. There are fountains, an open-air stage with an auditorium and also a buffet terrace.