Traveller Strollers

Rent for short or longer period based on a personal offer.

These strollers have either 4 solid wheels, a reclining seat and a rather big canopy. Their greatest advantage is that they fold carry-on size with one move so you can take them with you a lot easier.

What do we recommend them for?

Especially for traveling by plane. If you are flying with your child and would like to use a stroller at the airport or at your destination, this is an ideal choice. Your child can comfortably sleep in these strollers.

Every stroller and accessory are regularly steam cleaned in a child-friendly way, we use high pressure cleaning machines and we wash removable parts in a washing machine.

Before you leave!

Take planning your family travels easy, we will organize everything for you. Put your feet up, sip your hot cup of coffee and we will make sure that all of you will have a great time.

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