Budapest at Christmas time with kids

Christmas time is amazing, wherever you are, but Budapest is definitely one of the most beautiful European city in December. There are several programs and attractions in this month, so you and your kids won’t be bored. Here are Lottirose’s tips:

Budapest Christmas Market

If you are visiting Budapest in the winter, you must visit the Budapest Christmas Market! There are food and drink stalls as well as numerous craft stalls. You can have steaming mulled wine while walking around in the winter cold, enjoying the wide range of wooden toys, woolen hats and countless items reflecting rich Hungarian culture.

Christmas Market and 3D visual show near the Budapest Basilica

The Christmas market on St Stephen’s Square is right in front of the beautiful St Stephen’s Basilica, so the atmosphere and the view is stunning. Entering the giant Advent gate, you will find yourself among a hundred handcrafts stalls, and a sizeable skating rink set up in the heart of Budapest. This year visitors will be treated to a new, even more spectacular 3D visual show projected on the front of the Basilica every day after sunset. The special glasses with which you can view the animation are available on the market. The show can be enjoyed without wearing 3D glasses.

Ice skating in the City Park

Do you like ice skating? If so, then you will love skating in this beautiful surroundings. The huge open air Ice Rink of Budapest is on the top 10 list of Lonely Planet as one of the best places in Europe in winter time. It’s gigantic, and your children will love it!

Christmas Light Tram

It’s a real must-do if you are spending the Holiday in Budapest! The special trams services decorated with a string of 40 thousand LED lights operate for the 8th time in 2018. The most beautiful (and the most popular) Christmas Tram line is tram No.2 because you can travel along the Danube bank. You can travel on this special trams with normal tickets and passes. So let’s catch a Light Tram after 16.00.

Gingerbread City in Bálna Budapest

Gingerbread City is a contemporary Christmas statue. Anyone who is willing to participate in this social art can reserve a plot, and exhibit his / her own home made gingerbread building to the public by placing it on its plot at the city building reception. The illuminated Gingerbread City is open usually from mid-December till the end of January and the entrance is free.

We wish you an amazing time in Budapest!

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