This is how the business of the Hungarian service provider helps traveling families:

Clean transfer, bonus handwash and free stroller disinfection for clients

A Hungarian family travel service provider does everything possible to provide hygienic surroundings to families traveling with children. Lottirose and Babagúz baby equipment rental has introduced extra measures and offers different opportunities for family travelers  that reduce the threat posed by the alarming spreading of the coronavirus.

’Those traveling with a baby or a child cannot ponder: the health of the child comes first – says Fruzsina, the owner of Babagúz and Lottirose. ’ When we published our Budapest with kids map in December was last time we drew attention to the lack of opportunities for families with kids to access restrooms, washing hands or changing diapers in hygienic circumstances. Even though we see an improving trend with this, our experience shows there are still a lot of situations when parents need to compromise. In the given situation it causes serious concerns.

Lottirose family touristic service provider helps visiting families with baby equipment rental: families visiting Budapest rent strollers, baby cots, baby monitors, vehicles, bed rails, carriers and other equipment that will make their journeys easier. Even though many would think that rentals are less hygienic than hotel equipment or using their own things. Fruzsina emphasizes they only rent out equipment that has been cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner then disinfected with a special, child-friendly disinfectant and they also inform their clients. Another part of their protocol is that their colleagues can only touch equipment with clean hands. In hotels this thoughtfulness is not guaranteed, not to mention when traveling with your own equipment, it is touched by so many hands at an airport.

Team Lottirose and Babagúz would like to help families visiting to Budapest with three measures during the coronavirus :

1. For those using their family transfer services, they guarantee that the vehicle carrying them arrives thoroughly aired and cleaned with disinfectant before picking them up. Cleaning includes the car seat (which is the special element of the family transfer service), handles, windows, buttons and all surfaces the guest may come into contact with.

2. At the Lottirose pick-up point they have opened the free possibility of a handwash and they provide medical soap to do so.

3. At their Deák-square pick-up point all customers can ask for a disinfection of their stroller for free. It means the handlebars and the parts that parents touch most or that are contacted most on public transport are disinfected with a special child-friendly disinfectant.

Fruzsina and her team are often contacted by foreigners for advice on family-friendly programs and in the present situation their recently published slow & green map of Budapest is great help. ‘As we intentionally picked places that are away from the crowd, are not packed and tight and offer a chance to relax for families with babies or little kids, we can recommend them even more now instead of places that are visited by crowds.’ says the travel expert.

Even though we can sense the setback in the tourism sector, including visiting families, travelers are optimistic and instead of canceling they prefer to reschedule. The owner of Lottirose finds the current situation worrying but emphasizes a great advantage in this situation: people finally started to pay attention to their habits in connection with hygiene and it includes families with little kids as well. While parents wash their car on a weekly basis, clean their shoes or the screen of their phone every day, most of them very rarely or never disinfect their stroller. But as Fruzsina puts it, it is more serious than just a raisin or a snack rubbed into the seat. The handlebar of a stroller is a great danger zone especially if they use the public transport or if they have been to the doctor’s.

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