Fill your bottle at Lottirose – our pickup point at Deák Ferenc square is on the Refill Map

Our pickup point at Deák Ferenc square has also joint the Refill campaign which aims to map the places where you can fill your bottle with tap water for free. It’s our pleasure to participate in this action as Babagúz and Lottirose are eco-friendly brands that try to make the planet a greener, cleaner, healthier and happier place every day.

Why the Refill campaign is important for family travelers?

  • In warm weather small children are much more likely to become dehydrated, so it is particularly important to have fresh liquid with us.
  • Not all children are able to drink from bottles, so it can be necessary to use a baby bottle or a special canteen, so they would be willing to drink more.
  • Example is better than precept: if our children see that we have a sustainable lifestyle even during holiday season, we are showing them a good example.
  • Refill also builds a community: filling your bottle is an ice breaker, it can be a great way to start a conversation.
  • Refill means stability for family travelers. It shows the location and the opening hours on the map, so we can calculate exactly when we can refill our bottle next time.

As you can read on the site of the Refill campaign: the average person in Hungary uses 140 liters of water per day while in west Africa accessing water means several hours of walk every day. Access to drinking water for all and the protection of fresh water are two urgent problems of our century. Therefore, it is important that this issue reaches more and more people worldwide.

Hungarian tap water is one of the best compared to European standards. Lottirose welcomes everyone with his empty bottle at Deák Ferenc square pickup point!


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