Budapest can be a model city for environmentally conscious family trips

Mass tourism made Lottirose owners think: as globetrotters, they experienced that their favorite cities, Venice, Barcelona or London, are full of people every summer. From the statistics we know that 30% of the foreigners entering Hungary travel as a family, so Lottirose with its service made an action plan to help Budapest stop its ever-growing concentrated mass of people and its adverse impact on the city.

With the Lottirose service, Budapest can be a model city for environmentally conscious travelers: Fruzsina and her team believe that by building this franchise, we can spread good practices in major European cities. For example:

x  We encourage travelers to rent instead of buying, so they don’t need to buy baby equipment and bring it on the plane.

x Many families can use the same product during one summer, optimizing its utilization and avoiding, for example, plastic wrapping  when checking in at airports.

x Upon arrival, families are encouraged to use local products, for example, we only offer Hungarian flexible carriers.

x  We deliver our rental products in recycled packaging – these special bags are made from the abandoned tents of the Sziget Festival with special upcycling technology.

x  Upon request, we prepare the necessary baby products (diapers, baby food, water and hygiene products), families do not have to waste money or because of uncertainty buy too many of the brands they don’t know.

x We believe there are great road trip snacks on the market: in our publications, we draw the attention of families to the fact that locally purchased fruit and vegetables are always the best refreshments.

x  In our Lovely Memories service you can hire a local photographer to take pictures of your family: we believe that instead of souvenirs this will be a lasting memory for everyone.

x Our travelers can ask for personalized walking trails, where we encourage them to take their small kids, leave the tourist routes and discover more relaxed places.

x Next year, all our customers will receive the slow & green Budapest map: on this we put large parks, shady areas, handmade confectioneries, small corner shops, markets, lovely playgrounds and places where families can spend a few days in Budapest in an environmentally conscious way.

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