Piczinke Pony Yard

Budapest with kids: Piczinke Pony Yard

There is often a need for places in Budapest where children can spend a few hours in countryside atmosphere, among animals where they can touch them, get to know them, or just run around. If families want to find something like this,  the Piczinke Pony Yard, a short walk from Normafa, is a perfect location and a real family favourite.

One part of the Pony Yard is a human scale friendly petting zoo: you can take care of ponies, watch goats and bunnies. There is always a keeper next to the animals, but otherwise you are free to get to know them and when it’s necessary, they will kindly tell the kids how to touch an animal or which one does not like, for example, being lifted. Opposite to the zoos, it’s a real slowdown, where it’s okay for your one and a half year old to crouch down next to a bunny and watch it – no one will urge you.

One of the coolest parts of the Pony Yard is a natural playground where we can find loads of old pots, sieves, kitchen filters, potato mashers and mugs on wooden kitchen furniture. The whole area has a village like feel. Kids can cook, pack, pour sand or mud, or simply try the pot lids. Everyone, who loves simple places, where the child’s imagination can increase in plays, will be happy to see the area created here.

The organizers of the Yard often have activities for each season, such as the latest Grape Harvest Festival, where kids could experience a real harvest atmosphere. Pony rides are also available and kids can run around large areas, hide in the colourful hanging ribbons, jump in the straw or build something. If you have a little more active child who needs more stimulation, then, there’s go-kart or others vehicles to try.

Piczinke Pony Yard

Admission is not very cheap, but it gives you a long half-day activity and a great weekend opportunity to take a walk at Normafa. They are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays in autumn, and in recent years the Pony Yard was closed by Santa Claus and opened by Easter Bunny meaning they have been closed throughout the winter. It is possible to have a birthday party, they also have a buffet and they can organise animal petting for therapeutic purposes or horseback rides as well. We recommend it to all families who are looking for a slow and nice activity with a small child in Budapest and want to enjoy the fresh air!

Address: Konkoly Thege Miklós út 20., Budapest

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