Apple Garden of Törökbálint

Budapest with kids: Apple Garden of Törökbálint

It is a good idea to pay attention to seasonality when choosing an activity for our kids: the sooner we start filling the family calendar with events that are appropriate for the season, the sooner our kids will capture the colours, tastes, scents, and experiences associated with the seasons. There’s no better outside activity in the autumn than picking apples: moving around in the open air, stocking the winter pantry, the family can work together on an important task: filling the baskets.

This year we think the most beautiful place for this is the Doma Farm, also known as Apple Garden of Törökbálint where we can fill our baskets in beautiful green surroundings. At the farm, just 15 km from Budapest, apple picking is very well organized: their Facebook page tells you how and how much to pick, they are constantly updating information on which apples are ripe over the weekend and how to prepare for U-pick.

There are also other activities here, but in a kind of slow mode: animal petting and food tasting for families. Apples are grown on ten acres in the Apple Garden and it’s a great place for everyone who wants to show their child that apples don’t ripen on supermarket shelves.

Fotó: GalloFoto

The minimum picking per adult is 10 kilos of apples, which can be purchased for 220 Ft / kilo. The site, for obvious reasons, is not dog-friendly: the animals in the petting zoo and the deer living near aren’t brave enough to make new friends easily. It’s worth coming to the Apple Garden with your own pots which will be weighed at the beginning. We can already smell the autumn apple cake!

Beautiful photos by @FotoGallo

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