Think big: Our three favourite parks in Buda

There are those days when we only want a simple family activity. So let’s find a big green park, a meadow, a field or a public garden where we can wander around, run and just feel free. It’s a particularly helpful idea if your kids are at that age when it’s hard to keep them busy or it’s difficult to travel with them in the city. In the parks you don’t have to pay attention to cars, traffic or pedestrians. The first part of our series shows the best of Buda’s green parks. Let’s see our three favourites!

Budai Arborétum

Address: Villányi út 29-43. Budapest 1118

You don’t even have to leave the city centre to reach this secret garden, it’s a few minutes walk from Móricz Zsigmond square and is free to visit. This big park of the Horticulture University provides everything you can wish for in the middle of the city: birdhouses, winding path, lovely little lake, and romantic cottage with wild grapes. This location is recommended for toddlers, walking babies and for calmer children (and, of course, for bigger ones as well) because there are plant labels along the roads all marking plant specialties – don’t touch! Perfect location to meet mums with strollers, to have a nice spring-summer picnic or to occupy an explorer type of kid. Understandably, it is prohibited to play catch or cycle in the arboretum, so enjoy the rest of the possibilities!

For this activity we recommend: SLING OR STROLLER

Lágymányosi Öböl, Kopaszi-gát

Address: Kopaszi-gát, Budapest, 1117

A huge, open park on the bank of the Danube, which, apart from a few summer Sundays, is almost never crowded. It is worth spending the whole day here and walk along the coast. At one end of the U-shape there’s a sports centre, in the middle (now under construction) a beach and a pier, while on the other side of the Bay a dense selection of restaurants, cafes, playgrounds and the ’Kölyök Öböl’ playhouse and café where instead of loud music and plastic games, there’s jungle mood and the naturalness of wood (and for moms and dads a coffee corner). The Bay is a perfect place for sporty families as well: you can freely cycle, use a balance bike, scooter and choose the speedminton instead of the solid badminton. They all have enough space.

For this activity we recommend: JOGGING STROLLER OR SCOOTER/BICYCLE

Budakeszi Arborétum

Address: Budakeszi Arborétum – 2092 Budakeszi
GPS coordinates: 47.525943, 18.873417

If Budakeszi, then Wildlife Park… but there’s something else! Budakeszi Arboretum is a multi-acre amenity forest which is a perfect place to spend a whole Sunday. The beautiful green field is divided into small, well-arranged areas, ideal for walking, picnic or adventures. It is worth checking the programs of the arboretum, because they organize special events such as a night-time deer rut tour, den building or a lantern night tour.

For this activity we recommend: STROLLER

Photos from the websites of Budai Arborétum, Budakeszi Arborétum and Kölyök-Öböl Játszóház és Kávézó

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