Lovely Memories: how not to miss your own family photos

Has it ever happened to you that, at the end of your holiday, you ran through the family photos on your phone and realized something was missing from the pictures? It’s you! In the era of Instagram, distant grandparents and rapidly growing children, it’s quite natural that we want to document the happy family moments, but there’s also a need to have a vacation without all family members looking at their phones.

Have you read about the American campaign called “take a photo of a mom with her children”? It’s no coincidence that so many people fell in love with this idea, as many families notice that the one family member in charge of the photos is not present in the photo albums, not to mention that even though family pictures are pretty, they can often be spoiled.

We’ve come up with a fantastic solution to have a relaxing holiday and nice photos at the same time. Our professional photographer can help you for a few hours, he captures the lovely moments of your holiday, and for sure you’ll find everyone on the pictures – even yourself!


family photography

Why hire a professional photographer during your vacation?

  • Instead of hundreds of spoiled mobile photos waiting to be edited, you’ll have some professional, high-quality pictures.
  • All family members will be included in the pictures.
  • Don’t need to worry about where to take photos, our photographer will come up with great ideas.
  • Be spontaneous, smile, do what you would enjoy during your family vacation. Instead of staged pictures, feel free to ask for fun photo moments like getting an ice cream or playing in the park. You don’t even have to dress up, enjoy the city and then choose from the wonderful photos!
  • Be present on your holiday let others capture your moments.

And we recommend a great article on this topic: Ashley, an American blogger asked his readers whether they would bring a professional photographer on their holiday. (And, of course, the answer’s yes!)

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