Take this with you if you set out with your baby in this cold weather – great hints from Fruzsi Nyári, the expert of family travel.

  1. It is winter – what kind of stroller is suitable for icy roads or even snow?

In snow we have found fixed wheeled jogging strollers extremely useful. The most proven brand in our range is BOB Utility. It is like a tractor, it can cross anything. Both for walks in the woods or for deep snow it is a great choice. If we go skiing and know what grandma is going to walk with the baby in the snow, rent her a jogging stroller with a footmuff. We guarantee a great nap in the fresh air.

Photo: Zsuzsa Rinyu


  • How can parents make their stroller winter proof?

It might be a good idea to have anti-puncture fluid put in the wheels if they are inflatable because cones and pine needles tend to puncture them in the woods. In cold weather some parts might work a little tight so another good idea is to grease these parts (wheels and folding parts).

The most important thing is visibility as it gets dark very early. We should use bike lights, adhesive reflective strips, reflectors on the spokes or we can even give our little passenger a reflective vest. We should also wear reflective things ourselves. Naturally we should obtain a footmuff first to protect our baby from the cold but a raincover can also come handy in foggy, rainy or snowy weather.

Photo: Zsuzsa Sári-Kurán
  • What extra things do you pack when you go tot he playground or a longer walk outdoors in winter?

We take dry things with us and things that make us warm. For example we change the summer water bottle to a thermos of warm or hot tea. We have a change of dry clothes with us because we often get wet in the snow and we have a blanket in addition tot he footmuff.

We also have a secret trick in extreme cold. We take little warming pads with us that we can place in the gloves or in the pockets. These have a special gel in them, they need to be activated and they will keep us warm in the cold weather. They can be life savers. They are also reusable.

Photo: Szilvia Cséri

Some other useful things + places to get them from if you click

Anti-puncture fluid

The ultimate wd40 for greasing

Silicone bike light

Warming pads

Impregnating spray


Reflecitve strap

Reflective children’s vest

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