Flying with a newborn: three important things to know

Most families prefer to wait with the first flight until the baby is a few month old. However, you may have to fly earlier, even with a newborn. In todays blog post, we have collected three important things you need to know when traveling with a newborn!

  • Ask the airline

Airlines have their own rules for flying with a baby. Many airlines state babies can fly from 48 hours old while other companies say they can only travel with plane after having certain vaccinations. It’s important to ask what documents and certificates will be needed before check-in or whether there are health rules when traveling with a baby. It’s also good to know in advance what kind of medical assistance is available at the airport or in the destination country.

  • Enjoy the opportunities

Comfort is your primary when traveling with a baby so you might want to know what services are available. In many cases, the airline provides priority boarding and you get special discounts on the packages as well. Those who travel with a baby can often choose a seat but if you are unsure of where you would be comfortable, let the staff choose for you. After taking off, feel free to contact the flight attendants, so if you need something or you notice unusual things on your baby, you can ask them immediately. Whether it is a personal help or a possibility to make it easier or faster to travel, go for it!

  • Don’t forget about yourself!

Remember that you’ve just become a new mom. For example, if you had C-section, ask your doctor’s advice on flying. Healing is a longer process and it’s different for everyone when it’s recommended to fly. The journey should also be about your comfort: take a soft blanket, have a change of clothes and water with you. And don’t forget to arrange to have someone to help you after the flight, so that you can take a rest.

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