The Big Hungarian Wedding

Spring is here, flowers are blooming and the wedding season begins. Just like last year, outdoor and non-traditional wedding locations – where guests should often travel – are still popular. What do we have to plan if we begin the wedding season with a kid? How can we prepare for the journey if we are overnight guests at a countryside wedding?

We show five situations when Lottirose can help you!

  • Big wedding, many kids

Most restaurants and hotels have a highchair or a crib but when many people arrive at the same time with a large family, this can be a problem. As most people marry later in life, it’s common that a group of friends have up to 10-12 children of the same age, so it’s good to be prepared for this situation also as a guest.

LOTTIROSE TIP: Don’t leave anything to chance. Put a baby crib in the car boot to be sure that your child will sleep in a bed. Don’t forget the booster seat so your kid can be safe on the decorated wedding chairs as well.

  • Elegant wedding

Let’s admit, our old stroller doesn’t necessarily look like something we’d love to bring to an elegant wedding. It’s a sign of respect and sophistication that, for example, if we go to Matthias Church or another high-class location, we don’t bring our stroller from the playground to be included in the photos.

LOTTIROSE TIP: Renting a stroller for one or two days is not a luxury, yet we can do a lot for a casual, elegant look.

  • All-day adventure

A wedding day is exhausting for an adult as well: appointments, waiting, new situations, one after another. It’s a good idea to bring a stroller even for the older kids so we can enjoy the ceremony. The moment when children get too excited and become unmanageable is every parent’s nightmare. Prevent it by giving your kids a place to rest.

LOTTIROSE TIP: From our strollers we definitely recommend the reclining, large canopy strollers with umbrella.

  • A baby-friendly accommodation

There are many factors to consider when choosing a wedding location and accommodation. Obviously it cannot be a priority to have a real baby-friendly hotel but with little effort we can make the room kid-friendly. Bring a few little things, a portable baby monitor, sterilizer, a portable high chair, step stool and the room is ready for the baby.

LOTTIROSE TIP: Think of something that would make your baby feel at home. For example, if it is a comfortable bath at night, bring a folding baby tub.

  • Drive safely

You would never sit in a car until you know your child is 100 percent safe, would you? Don’t make an exception on a wedding day either. Make sure that not only your own car is equipped with the right seat, but also the vehicle you use for traveling between the different locations or the transfer that takes you to the hotel.

LOTTIROSE TIP: Bring some toys with the car seat considering what is safe to play with.

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