Our favourite mums jogging with a baby – and their “vehicles”

The weather is finally good it’s time to dig out your sneakers and get back on track! If you have a baby then bring a jogging stroller as well. And don’t forget to pack your humour because we’ll introduce you our favourite jogging mums and their matching vehicles. They’re already running, keep up with them!

Just Going Jogging Mum

She kindly nods at her neighbour: “oh I just go for a short run with my baby.” After running 22 kilometres and setting a local record, her face slightly flushed she stops her sport watch with satisfaction: “I exercised a bit today.”

More Babies More Glory Mum

Even with one child, she was already a superstar, beating everyone on the track. But after the second baby was born, she set the bar higher. People are pulling off the road when she’s running with her double seat jogger stroller. She’s a real superhero. But really.

Networking Level 100% Mum

Yesterday she just asked a runner mum to give her a glucose tablet, today she organises a local running group: sports events, fun mum clubs and suddenly a real community among many kids. While running, she edits forum posts, so for her the term “one hand” is the most important factor when choosing a stroller.

Just Trying Mum

She is on the track almost every day, running more and more kilometres, even the pigeons find her familiar when she arrives. But she keeps telling herself that she is only trying jogging with a baby. We, other mums, we already know that she fell in love with it. We heard when she was asked in the supermarket where she’s running off to and she stammered: “Oh, I thought I was with the other stroller.”

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