Renting is cool! Most baby stuff is used for a short period, this is especially true for travel equipment. An important part of an environmentally conscious approach is that we don’t accumulate our cyclically used items, we rather rent them. This can mean that many families use the same equipment in one year, optimizing its storage and utilization.

rent stroller

Let’s say an example: a beach stroller works really well in that week when we have to go along the sandy coast of Italy with two umbrellas, an “always tired” two-year-old, a shovel set and food supply for the whole day. This stroller is not only comfortable but also fun for the kids. However, it’s not worth keeping it in our garage for the other fifty weeks of the year. Rent it for that week when we need it, save some money and be happy that others can use it!

And one more interesting fact: according to statistics, even the hardcore family travelers don’t fly more than 8-10 times a year so the premium products needed for flying are not really worth buying. Children grow fast, and these special products are almost always made for a limited age group.

Fly Baby

Note: We do not recommend rental for all baby products, of course. Some of the things used for potty training or eating are not hygienic in a rental system, so instead in these cases we recommend buying them. That’s why we’ve collected our favorite tested baby products, available in our webshop.

Finally, the most important thing:  a sustainable approach to life depends on being an example, so let’s start with the things that surround our children so they can learn from it!

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