When traveling, it is worth everything having your baby sit comfortably in a stroller or sleeping well in a baby bed. That is why it is not worthwhile to choose cheaper products, for example, in a poor quality crib, it can be so much uncomfortable that the baby wakes up or becomes fussy the next day.

fell like home package

What does high quality mean to us? We work with premium, high-end brands and from their range we choose the most suitable products for traveling. We only offer products that we have tested during our real holidays, so you don’t buy pig in a poke. We do not compromise on product cleaning and storage, so they are in excellent conditions for our customers.

High quality doesn’t mean that offer the trendy products but the ones where we made sure of the quality. As we are parents ourselves we don’t want to risk having the wheel of the stroller roll away when we arrive to the Spanish beach or arriving at the hotel at midnight we cannot easily open the baby crib.

One of the best features of renting is that families can choose premium brands, even more expensive ones that otherwise they would never buy. Because if they rent they don’t have to pay the full price, just a few days of use.

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